Friday, April 25, 2008

Baking Soda

So you all probably knew this but I am totally amazed by a home remedy Liesl told me. Yesterday I got up to wash my hair and my hair felt so disgusting! It was really greasy and all clumpy. So I hurried and tried to fix it for school (basically I wore a ponytail and looked like I had just rolled out of bed the rest of the day).

So I texted Liesl (my amazing hairdresser friend) and asked her whatI should do. She told me to take some baking soda and add it to my shampoo and then scrub it about three times, just the area where its all greasy. Then I was to only condition the tips of my hair.

It totally works! My hair felt so nice today. It wasn't greasy at all and it looked kind of like it does after it gets done at the salon.

Isn't baking soda amazing?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Funny Story.

I've been in a bad mood all day. I woke up really mad cause I went to bed really mad so I thought I would share a funny story so that I (and if you are in a bad mood) could get out of my grumpy mood.

So Saturday night, Britt and I decide to go to an Institute dance. Yes, I know....we were bored. So we get all primped up and drive across town. Miles decided to meet us there. When we pull up and get out of the car, Miles jumps out and looks in (we see about maybe 20 people and thats it) and cusses really loud! That's not the story but if you know Miles, that is so him.

So after the dance we decided to go to Red Rock Casino to watch a show and we kind of got side tracked and ended up at the grocery store because we were cooking a Sunday dinner the following night. I'm so tired I was "drunk tired" (You know when you get so tired EVERYTHING is funny..) walking through Albertson's trying to carry a handful of a lot of stuff. So we go to check out. I asked the guy how he was doing and he goes "Better now." He kind of creeped me out so I hurried and bought my stuff and told Britt I was going to go return the cart.

So the guy tells Brittany that her hair flatters her face and that he liked it. He then goes "That pasta looks delicious..I love this pasta, may I ask how you are going to prepare it?" Brittany then tells him that she is making pasta salad and he goes "I like that. Then again anything those hands prepare would be amazing." AHHH!! Then he asked her how tall she was and then goes "It fits you well." And then tells her e is not flirting, just being courteous.

All I heard was him yelling out after she left that "He hopes to see her again". Needless to say she was angry at me for taking the cart back.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

21 Days To Christ

My sister called me the other day and was telling me about a book that someone recommended for her to read. It's called "21 Days to Christ". We decided to start a book club where we read a book at the same time and talk about it. I am totaly blown away and I have only read three chapters!

Not only has this time in my life been very humbling, but reading this has totally helped me with the whole "worrying about what other people think or do" mentality. All my life I have had that struggle and in a nutshell this book has taught me to quit it!

Is it sad that I quoted it in one of my classes the other night too? :) But anyway, go get it. It has been such a comfort to me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just threw this together in one second. This week I have been around my family a lot, especially my brother and sister. It has been so fun. We went to a show on Wednesday night and then to dinner and had a blast (It was Dave's birthday!). Then today my nephew and my dad were baptised and I got to spend more time with them.

We were thinking back about how far we have come. Eighteen years ago our family was in a totally different situation. I was just baptised Mormon along with my sister and mom. A year later my brother and his best friend were baptised. Seventeen years later, we all live in Vegas and we get to watch my nephews and my dad get baptised. It's just funny...there's so many stories behind our family. It reminds me of this quote:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”. That's my family.

Friday, April 18, 2008


So my ex got me back this week! Monday afternoon I got a phone call from him at exactly 2:11 when school lets out. See, I went to my new school and he went to his new school so neither of us were on campus. He told me I better go to school early on Tuesday..and that was basically it. I totally thought he was bluffing!

So I walk in my room in the morning and ALL of my desks are moved. One of them is completely flipped over (let me remind you I teach science and the tables are VERY heavy!). There is confetti EVERYWHERE!, paper towels from the ceiling, my books are everywhere, and silly string all over my pictures, posters, etc. Not to mention, all week I have been finding confetti in EVERY drawer in my classroom. Today I opened my lab cabinet and pulled out a paper and all this confetti fell on top of me!!!

Pictures coming soon...pretty much the silly string is crusted to my walls and good luck to the teacher next year that has my classroom...she's gonna have confetti on everything!

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Survey for Liz!

A- Attached or single: Single
B- Best Friend: Liesl, Jen, Britt, Michelle
C-Cake or Pie: Cake
D- Day of Choice: Sunday
E-Essential Items- Cell Phone, My Paycheck, and My Car
F-Favorite Color: Blue, Green, and Pink
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Worms
H- Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
I- Indulgence(s): Crystal Lite Fruit Punch
K-Kids: I teach 180.
L-Life is incomplete without: My Testimony.
M- Marriage Date: Six Months.
N- Number of Siblings: One brother and one sister.
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P- Phobias or Fears: I worry too much about what other people think!
Q- Quote(s): "No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent."
R- Reason To Smile: Love.
S- Season: Summer! Summer! Summertime!
T- Tag: Liesl.
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I pretty much tell everyone everything.
V- Veggies or Fruit: Fruit.
W- Worst Habit: Paranoia.
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: X-rays
Y- Your Favorite Food: Seafood!
Z: Zodiac: Gemini

Monday, April 14, 2008

Huntington Beach Pictures

These were taken a month ago on my Spring Break trip, but I thought I would post them anyway! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The last month or so I have been so confused with things and feeling like I was being put through the ringer. I lost a friendship that was really important to me and it sent me into a tail spin. I've questioned a lot of things about myself and have learned so much. I feel like I am growing up. Well...sort of..haha. (See below.)

So I pulled my first prank today. All week these three students I have had been bugging me to get my ex back at school. My ex and I are pretty good friends now so I was willing to have a little fun with it. So today was the day. This morning I emailed a fellow staff member that has a master key to the school and asked her if I could borrow it. She totally let me have it. Then I emailed my ex on the school mail and asked him if he could come to my room for lunch because I did something bad and wanted to talk to him about. Poor thing. He's been so good about talking to me lately that I totally took advantage of that. He wrote back and said "Of course". So I knew I had a ten minute window at least cause he is all the way across campus. So as soon as the lunch bell rang, the three boys go running to my room and grab toilet paper that I had ready for them. I sneak outside and watch my ex leave his classroom and walk to the cafeteria. So we book it down the parking lot to his room. All of my other students are watching me run across campus. I open the door, let the kids in, and the totally destoy the room. Toilet paper everywhere......his desk, through the ceiling tiles, and then they wrote on the board "Your car is next". I lock the door and send the kids to the cafeteria. So I totally run into my ex on the way back! I had to play it off that I had to run back to my classroom and told him I would talk to him later. Long story short, the dean found out! But thank goodness my ex was a good sport and totally let it slide.

So I am expecting a backlash...let's see what happens.