Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mike's Medical Pictures

This past year has been a little rough on Mike when it comes to anything medical. He lost his eyesight in April in his one eye, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May, started his Copaxone treatment in June, and we've been on watch since.

The last month or so has been trying to make sure he is still doing ok. He gre a large bump on his tongue and we were worried it was bad, so he had to get it removed and tested. Thankfully it was not cancer or anything!

Then Mike went in to get his eyes checked and he had to get retested for his eyesight. Unfortunately, he needs glasses.

Dialated eyes. Poor Mike. Hopefully this is it!

Mundy's Gap...Her Revenge.

It had been almost a year since I had ridden Mundy's Gap. I was going to go out and ride it to see if I was ready for the El Paso Puzzler. Let's just say after this ride, I decided to opt out of the Puzzler this year.

Brent kicking my butt up the mountain.

Here I come!

Nice shot Mike!

Brent making his way towards the gap..

The winter was not good to me...let's hope next year I can ride the Puzzler!

P.S. Mike ended up doing the Puzzler and made it the wholse 35 miles without flatting! He did have a major spill and hit his helmet...luckily the helmet saved him!

New Years Eve Riding

Before the Schramms and Hooblers took off back to Arizona...we took a little ride on A Mountain!

The whole crew..

Coming up the trail...

The other side of A Mountain.

Mike going downhill on the hardest part of A Mountain!

Snowboarding With The Boys

Back in January, Mike took a day off to go with the boys snowboarding in Ruidoso.

Silliness on the lift.

At the top of the lift with Alex...

Alex with his skis...

Bad luck to Brad...not a few hours in and he busted his shoulder!