Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Can Dream, Right?

A girl can dream right? I keep thinking about things I want to do this summer, ways to make money so I can afford to pay off the bills, and then the "wishes" I want just for the sake of dreaming. The funny thing is, the things on my wish list are so random!

Here's some of the things that have popped in my head!

1. Having a successful cupcake business.

2. Somehow coaxing U-Swirl to open a place here in Las Cruces or possibly opening one.

3. Going on a shopping spree at Buckle.

4. Being motivated to do P90x for 90 days straight!

5. Get a facial!

6. Go to Florida and go to Disney World, Universal, show Mike my old stomping grounds when I lived there, Key West, and possibly taking a cruise out of there. I miss Florida. :(

7. Landscaping my backyard which will include a garden and my very own compost heap.

8. Finding a skin cream that will fight my wrinkles from all my years of being sunburned.

9. Ordering Wen Hair Products.

10. Weighing ten pounds less than I do now.

11. Go see Gavin DeGraw in concert.

12. Own an IPOD touch.

13. Totally random..but after cleaning the kitchen this morning, I want a Swiffer. Pronto.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Socorro, NM

This past weekend was spent in good old Socorro, NM. A very small town between Las Cruces and Albuquerque. It was a two day race extravaganza which involved some river riding, rain, fog, heat, and lots of dust!

The first race was a hill climb at South Baldy Point. To get to the starting line, there was a flooded river to get across. People had to decide to carry their bikes or to just ride through it. When the race started, you had to cross the river two more times on the way up.

Because of the rain and snow, the race was shortened from 8 miles to 5.5 miles, which was a huge relief for all the beginners and not so great for people like Mike who actually enjoy the torture of long distance hill climbs.

Mike made it to the top in just under an hour. I made it up in an hour and nineteen minutes! It was a success. Mike got second in his really big sports category and I got first by twenty seconds.

The next day consisted of a cross country race down at a lower elevation, which means no snow or rain. The starting line is actually found on If you type in "Tour of Socorro 2010" you can see Mike starting right up front on the sports start and you can see me false start when the beginners take off. Haha.

Mike got fifth place and second place overall and I got first place beginner and first place overall.

It was a successful weekend!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Most Traumatic Day....Ever.

Once upon a time, Mike and Liz tried riding their bikes eight miles up the side of a mountain. Mike decided to use really small tires.

The ride was very smooth and steady and it took about an hour and half to reach the top (for Mike) and about an hour and forty five minutes to reach this point (for Liz).

We were so happy to reach the top!

As they took this picture...the wind picked up!

And Mike didn't have a jacket!

So they rushed down the hill as fast as they could! Wind blowing and all! It was so cold that their hands turned blue and they could hardly hit the brakes! Mike's skin was turning purple. Just a reminder: It is eight miles down! Half way down through the wind and the cold, Liz hits a sheet of ice and lands on her side. Holding back tears, frozen hands, singing to themselves, they finally make it to the car!

Five minutes sooner...they would have been diagnosed with hypothermia.

Unfortunately Liz got some bruised ribs out of the experience. :(

So Far..So Good.

We've only had one race so far, but we've made some goals. Mike wants to podium this year, which means he wants to be in the top three in his category. I want to win the jersey for my category this year, which means I need to place first in my category.
Let's see what happens!