Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stephanie's Baby Shower

Stephanie is another science teacher at my job.  We both talked about getting pregnancy this year and she got pregnant pretty quickly. So the whole year we have gone through all the stages of pregnancy and it was so fun to watch her. 

Now that school is ending, she is getting ready to have the baby so we held a shower for her.  Here she is with her presents.
 Some of the words of advice.
 The cake.
 The diaper cake.  Cute idea.
 The whole gang showed up...

Cody's Birthday

Cody invited all the girls out for her birthday at Olive Garden.  What a great idea!  We all have been so busy with things going on in our lives that we needed to take a little breather.  Here is the group.  Most of us play volleyball together. 
 Cody was excited because she go a Happy Birthday from Abe on her facebook!

Bad Luck on the Bike

Last week Mike was riding with some friends on a road ride and a car turned in front of the group.  They all had to brake on their bikes and another rider hit him. Poor Postal Service bike was gone.

The plan was to sell our Lexus and use it on a new bike. 

So we bought a new bike and it came in on Friday.  Mike went on his first ride Saturday morning a day later, this is what it looked like:

 It snapped.
 What a good looking bike.  If you look closer, you can see the rear art of the frame broken off.  Again, the bike was rear ended.
 Thank you Trek for warranties.

Friday, May 4, 2012

High Altitude Classic

It's been years since Mike has raced in Cloudcroft, since they had to stop it for a while and then ended up cancelling it last year because of fires.  We finally got to go try it out and even better, were able to sleep in our own beds the night before.

This was my first Cloudcroft race and I was VERY nervous considering I had gotten way out of shape during the winter and lost all hill climbing skills I gained last season.  Here I am right before the race.  It was nice because we actually had time to be ready and hang out before the race.
 Mike was sporting Crazy Cat and Zia Velo.
 The hill climbing was intense and we had to do it twice! Mike was able to do it under two hours and it took me a lot longer.  Afterwards, we had todown some pickle juce so we wouldn't get cramps.
 Even though I did pretty crappy, I still got 2nd place!
Overall, it was a fun race, but VERY HARD.