Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Had To Tell You...

I wish I had a camera for this incident today, but I thought I would blog about it since I am relaxing for a few. I took Barney to the dog park this morning as usual for our Sunday morning ritual. This time they were having their two year anniversary celebration.

As soon as I let him loose, he ran to the swimming pool and splashed around like a psycho. By then five other dogs were following in him in it, including two bull mastiffs. Then, he starts taking off in a dead run and the pack followed him!

Everyone was calling him a "wild child" and asking me how I put up with his energy...

I have no clue!

12 Hours In The Wild West

All of us went up to Ruidoso for a 12 hour race. All of us included: Wayne, Brad, Brent, Jared, Mike, and me so that we could make up two teams. Wayne and Mike were a duo team. Brad, Jared, and I were a trio team. Brent came along to do one lap and hang out.

Here is the starting line. If you look closely, you can see Mike. (Some of these are professional pics by Brian Leddy.)

This is Jared. Kind of hard to tell but man he was flying!

Mike coming in on his first lap.

Brad coming in from his first lap.

Brad and I were trading laps. He tagged me and then I went. This was my fastest lap (58 minutes). None of the other girls on the four man teams hit under an hour. :)

Here comes Brent.

Mike and I joy riding the finish line. :)

We got second place as a 3 man team and was placed with a 4 man team category.

Mike and Wayne would have gotten third place but Wayne's derailer busted!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dawn to Dusk--- Gallup, NM

Last month Mike and I raced duo in Gallup, NM for 12 hours. We each would do a lap and then trade off a batan. The morning stated off really nice when we showed up at 7 am. Mike only had a few minutes to preride and then he had to take off to the starting line.

It begins with a really steep uphill climb! It was pretty hard for me but once you get through the tough parts, the rest of it is really fast downhill.

So. Guess what happens? Wind! Lots of wind! Then the temperature starts dropping. Then.....SNOW!

Here is what I looked like at the end when we were so tired we wanted to just go back to hotel and couldn't fit anything into the car!

At this point, I was out on my third lap and it was so muddy that I couldn't move at some parts.

It was so cold!

Mike was a trooper and did four laps. They even had to shut down the race at 5 because the weather got so bad.

We tried! :)

Barney -- The Teenager

Barney is going through his teenage phase right now and sometimes it really tries our patience. Dirty rugs, hair on the couches, chewing up things, digging up the yard, etc. is an everyday occurance at our house.

The thing is we can't help but like the guy! (Also, knowing he is going to grow out of it helps!)

Plus, look what torture we put him through!

And look how happy he is!
Such a ham!