Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

This week is my thirtieth birthday! I made it! I am really excited for it now. I was kind of depressed about not being in my twenties anymore, but really age is just a number.
The plans go:
Birthday Dinner With Mike
Drive to Vegas and Have Sushi First Thing
A Buffet Birthday Lunch With The Family
Mount Charleston
Go To The Strip
Stay At Mandalay Bay Two Nights
Lay Out and Drink Pina Coladas
Play In The Lazy River
Hike/ Bike Ride Red Rock
Go See Lion King
Have a Girl's Day With My Sister
Drive Back to Cruces
Go To IKEA With My Mom
I am such a lucky girl! I am so glad I can spend my birthday with all my family and friends!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Place Barrows!

Mike and I just realized that at this moment, we are the only husband and wife couple to have first place standings. We love our mountain biking! Ha Ha

In My Next Thirty Years...

So my birthday is looming up on me and this one is a big deal to me. I will be turning 30 this year! No more 20's! It's bittersweet. I really can say that my life so far as been amazing. I really have had great opportunities and it gets me excited to see what the next thirty years will bring!

I hope in the next thirty years I can: 1) raise a family, 2) get a dog, 3) take more college classes, 4) go on amazing vacations with my husband, 4) retire from teaching and write books, 5) teach adults or become a nurse, 6) enjoy my family, 7) improve my mountain bike skills, 8) live near a beach, 9) keep my husband loving me, and 10) live happily ever after.

Next stop: 60 years old!