Sunday, January 20, 2013

We're Pregnant!

So this blog has been on hiatus for almost a year, but I am going try and bring it back because of all of the sentimental value it holds. (Also, the fact that the husband asked me to because he was sad too.) It's true.  We have had this blog since before we even got married and it does have a lot of good memories that I want to keep going. 

I am pretty much going to use about fitness, biking, triathlons, etc. and for all of our personal stories, I will turn to this wonderful blog.

Well, to start off the new blog.....we are pregnant.  Baby Girl Barrow is due April 26, 2013! We are so excited to see her!

Friday, June 1, 2012

We Did It!!

We went up to Ruidoso for a 12 hour race.  The night before, there was a massive storm so we were a little concerned.  P.S. We did this race in early May, but I forgot to blog it!

Mike and I had to do the annual picture of riding past the Red Bull tent. 
 We are standing in the order we rode. All the boys did under an hour and I did exactly an hour on each lap. But we ended up getting first place!!!

This is at the cabin we stayed at the night before where we all got ready and prepared.  What a fun race!  We were very happy to get that first!

Memorial Weekend 2012

We had an awesome labor day weekend.  We met with the brothers and started to ride the sport loop.  It was super hot, but we were going to tackle the jeep road.
 The brothers.  Mike's mom loves this shot.
 Cool shot of Mike going down little Moab.
 We went to the parent's house for a picnic.  Barney had to play some frisbee.
 We ate some awesome ribs...
 ....and some homemade ice cream!
 Trying to get an action shot of Barney!
We had a great time!

32nd Birthday!!

Since we saited t go to San Diego for our anniversary, I decided to make the best of staying in town and make a list of things to do for my weekend extravaganza! 

On my Friday list, I wanted to go on one last ride at the age of 31.  Mike and I went and rode the jeep road so we could get some good exercise.
 This is a picture of my list and Barney being part of things. :)
 Saturday I wanted a date night at St. Claire's Winery and Bistro.  Loved it!
 Mike got all dressed up and handsome. 
 My mom got me an awesome birthday card!
 And Mike made this gift for me.  So thoughtful!
I had a really fun birthday and I am so glad we got a lot of things done on my list!

Solar Eclipse

A few Sundays ago, we heard there was going to be a solar eclipse and the western part of the United States was going to have a pretty good show. We were told in Las Cruces that it would only be about 40 percent, but we took our chances anyway and went out to check it out.  Mike rode his bike up to the top of A Mountain while I ran it.  It's so much harder to run it!

It was cool because the temperature changed so quickly and there was a haze around us. If you look at the picture with Mike, it almost looks like it is dark out.

We found out that the best thing to use besides the elementary school pinhole boxes is believe or not, old welding masks. A couple had some and shared with us and we were able to take a picture through it.


What a neat thing to witness! I'm so glad we did it!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stephanie's Baby Shower

Stephanie is another science teacher at my job.  We both talked about getting pregnancy this year and she got pregnant pretty quickly. So the whole year we have gone through all the stages of pregnancy and it was so fun to watch her. 

Now that school is ending, she is getting ready to have the baby so we held a shower for her.  Here she is with her presents.
 Some of the words of advice.
 The cake.
 The diaper cake.  Cute idea.
 The whole gang showed up...

Cody's Birthday

Cody invited all the girls out for her birthday at Olive Garden.  What a great idea!  We all have been so busy with things going on in our lives that we needed to take a little breather.  Here is the group.  Most of us play volleyball together. 
 Cody was excited because she go a Happy Birthday from Abe on her facebook!