Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Cell Phone Pictures October 2011

So I think I have graduated from the stage of taking pictures of myself from arm length with my cell phone. Instead, as I was going through my cell phone pics, I notice that all I take pictures of is Barney. (I think we need to start having kids.)

So, here it goes. The collage of cell phone pics of the life of Barney.

Pure humiliation.

Grandma gave him this food and water bowl. He loves it.
He is such a good frisbee catcher.

At Caliche's. To get a poochie cone. (Where he spontaneously combusted and lost his license and rabies tags.)

The old lab face. Pondering life.

Yes. I know. I need a life.

Back to School Special

We went up to Albuquerque to race for the University of New Mexico Back to School Special. Well...I''ll keep it short (cause we only have one cool pic of Mike at the starting line).

Description: rain, mud, flat tires, broken chains, more rain, more mud, three LONG laps, and more mud.

The end.

Horny Toad Hustle 2011

Wow. It's been a long time since I have blogged! Things have been really hectic that I didn't even download pictures onto facebook until a few days ago. Well here we go.

The third weekend in September is always set aside for the Horny Toad Hustle. At this point in the series, it is race after race after race. We love this one because its local and we practice it a lot. So we have high expectations for eachother.

These are a bit out of order. This is Mike and I when we got our buckles. I think Horny Toad has the best prizes! I got new sunglasses too!

Mike got 2nd in 30-39 Cat 2 and I got 1st overall in the girls category. Mike and I both beat our times from last year. We were on fire!

Brad and Brent joined in on the shinanigans and did the Cat 2 coarse together. Brad had technical problems so Brent waited up for him. Here's how they came in together...dorks.
I came in after 2 hours and 7 minutes. It was hot!

Here is an awesome shot of Mike coming in.

I love this picture. This was right before the race.