Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bath Time!

He's getting so big!

The El Paso Puzzler

On January 16th, Mike and I raced the El Paso Puzzler. We had been looking forward to it because it was a really hard race: 35 miles, up and down a mountain twice, rocks, cactus, and downhill. Are we nuts or what?
Well, I didn't do very well. It took me 7 hours to get through it and a lot was spent running on foot. I had never gotten a flat and twice, my tire got a flat. Worst part was that I had handed Mike all my CO2s so I didn't have anything! So from mile 26-29, I was running.

Mike didn't have much luck either. He lasted an hour and a half in and split the side wall on his tire. He had to walk ALL the way back! Poor guy!

This is at the starting line. Little did we know...

Overall, we'll get em' next year! Haha!

Mt. Lemmon

The first weekend in January, Mike and I drove to Tucson to ride Mt. Lemmon with his brother in law Wayne. We were there to pick up a road bike for Mike and test it out!
Here is the road at the beginning on the way up. Mike and Wayne were catching me after having to stop and fix the seat. I never saw them the rest of the ride.
Mike and his new bike.

The weird thing is that we were there on January 8th, the day the congresswoman was shot in Tucson. Even stranger, is that we were right across the street at a Starbucks when it happened. So strange that a national crisis could hit so close.
Overall, Mt. Lemmon is more than 20 miles uphill and very cold in January. The boys loved it. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia, but it felt good to burn some calories!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First Half Marathon!

Las Cruces held a half marathon so I had to jump on it! I wasn't planning on it but when I found out the route went right past our house, it was calling my name. Because school has been so busy, I hardly had time to get ready. Plus, it has been so cold out and it gets so dark early, I never had time to practice running outdoors.
So it was hitting the gym and the treadmill for a week and a half. Let's just say that the longest have run before is six miles! Ha Ha
Here is The Cub on the day of the race. He was a hit. When we walked up to the crowd, everyone was looking and I realized they were all staring at him. He is pretty cute.

My Catch Me If You Can shirt!
You got a medal at the end for finishing. I ran it in 2 hours and 6 minutes! Woot!

Running across the finish line at the Field of Dreams.

My running buddy for the last four miles. He was in the National Guard and we kept passing eachother and pacing the same time the whole time. So we made friends and chatted the last few miles to help us forget we were running. Even better, Mike rode his bike alongside me the last four miles and kept me motivated. (Hence the action shots!) What a good guy!

At the beginning. It started at the Rio Grande at La Llorona park.

I love this picture of Barney. So cute!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Las Vegas!

We celebrated Christmas in Las Vegas again. This was our third Christmas together! :) We did a lot and had a great time with the family.
On Christmas day we went to the Bellagio to check out the gardens. Its a tradition to go there every time we go to Vegas.

The new hotel the Cosmopolitan opened so we had to check it out.
Sarah got the game "Just Dance", which was good exercise!

Mike got a McGhie's jersey from Mom, which was really nice.

Sarah and I decorated my gingerbread house. Her side was way better!

We had an awesome Christmas Eve dinner made by Jen and it was sooo good! She made a prime rib, veggies, stuffing, and homemade ice cream by Wayne. The appetizers were really good too!

Sarah all dressed up for dinner. The rule was that you had to wear green or red.

The dinner maker herself decked out in her gear!

We brought Barney along and he had a blast when we stopped at the Petsmart in Chandler.

Overall, it was very fun and great to see family. Here's to our third Christmas!