Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrity Look A Likes

Mike and I concluded that your "look alike" depends on what direction you are facing in the picture. Haha. Or I can just think I really do look like Jessica Alba?

From the Mouths of Babes.

I got these nomination forms in my mailbox today. It made me think about how I teach!

"Before I was in Ms. Bray's class, I thought science was not about having fun. She made me realize that you could have fun and still pass." (This kid obviously thinks that if the class MUST fail!)

"I would like to nominate Ms. Bray because she is very fun and also when she tells us we are disrupting the class, she is not mean and she tells us how it is." (I'm wondering exactly what she means by this comment.)

"Ms. Bray is the funniest teacher ever. In one lab that we did she made a funny comment like of the students said this and one of my students said that. She is just cool." (So this student likes me because I make fun of my dumb students..haha!)

"She really makes science fun and easy but she always makes you write your name on yout paper all the time. Sometimes it will be annoying but she does that to make sure you get a good grade."

"When I was coming to Molasky and I saw I had science I hated it but Ms. Bray made me love it."

"She is a hilarious teacher who lets us start on our homework in class if we have extra time. She is nice and can be strict to those who don't respect her and she appreciates everyone who works hard and does what they are supposed to do!" (That's right..this one is for Mike who says that I am corny...they think I'm funny ok???)

"The reason I have fun in her class is because its so random in that class. I mean we always say random things like when we did the 'Save Fred' lab people said that Fred was some sort of alien or something. I mean it was crazy, but it was crazy funny! I love that her class is so random."

"Although I'm not looking forward to dissecting, I know she'll find a way to make everyone enjoy it!"

"She gives us a lot of warnings before we really get in trouble." (I think I need to work on my discipline before I have kids!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Las Cruces Race

Mike raced this past weekend in Cruces. It was the only local race this year so he had to take advantage of it since it was on his home turf. I'd never been to a race before so I was really excited to see how it went! When we showed up there were cars everywhere, everyone in their gear, and ready to go! Mike raced in the sport class, which was 80 percent of the people there and he got 4th place! I was so proud! Here are some pictures from the race:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Over the weekend I went to New Mexico to see Mike, to visit Cloudcroft, and watch him race. It's a mountain town about two hours away from Las Cruces. It kind of reminds me of a mini Jackson Hole. There's a main street with little antique shops and of course a bike shop (which of course Mike knows them and they know him very well). It is so beautiful and I plan on going there a lot! I love it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Michael..

So I am suffering from insomnia due to the fact that I decided to work out late tonight and working out pumps me up (Thanks to Liesl!). But anyway, I was thinking this would be a good chance to introduce Mike to you guys that don't know him and basically gush about the love of my life.

Michael is family guy (hehe..he loves that show too..I am such a nerd). Well, he kind of has to be because he comes from a really big family, TEN KIDS! Here is a picture of the kids from oldest to youngest, left to right.

Not only does he have a big family, but the last four boys (including him) are really tight. They call themselves "The Brotherhood". You can't cross "The Brotherhood". I've tried to tattle on them a couple of times at family dinners and totally got ratted out by both Brad and Matt. They have TOTAL loyalty.

Anyone and everyone that knows Mike associates him with his extreme love of mountain biking! The boy is addicted and actually is really good. He does races every now and again all over New Mexico (I will be watching one this weekend in Cruces by the way) and places pretty high up there. He always has some great pictures of all the beautiful places he does biking. I should be jealous, but really, I actually like he has a healthy hobby...anything that makes my boy happy!

Another thing besides mountain biking is the fact that he likes to play. He has a VERY yellow personality (if you have ever done the whole color code book). If he had to choose between work and play, play is definitely a priority. We kind of even ourselves out in that sense, since my life consists of list making and "doing" stuff all the time. He has lots of toys!

One thing that totally caught my eye when we started talking was his pictures he takes. As you know, I love documenting every part of my life and I think I found my match! Also, he loves to travel! I always wanted to find someone who had the travel bug like me. This was when Mike went to Maui. He is addicted to the water...I love it, being the beach bum myself.

Last but not least, I love the relationship Mike has with his mom. Sue is such a sweet person and Mike speaks of her like she is the epitomy of what a mom should be. I love a guy who isn't afraid to be a momma's boy. Even though Mike was/is a little, let's say, "feisty"..haha..he has a soft spot for his mom and I think it's adorable.


So this is my life...looking at ways to decorate our house. What is happening to me?? Months ago I had the "peter pan" complex, now I have the itch to interior decorate our home.

I just need some advice. If we have a black dining room table and tile floor, what kind of rug should we use? Or should we use a rug at all?

So many choices..I liked these.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping

I guess I don't waste any time huh? One week and I am already out getting a dress...and I got one!! I thought it would be fun to just look and see so I called my mom, my sister, and my niece and we all headed down to David's Bridal and they were such troopers!

After focusing on two dresses, I finally decided on one that I thought would look really pretty and elegant.

By the way, mine will be more modest..The one I chose is strapless but is getting altered. :) It's going to look so elegant. It was actually the first dress I tried on too!

These are the ones I didn't get:

This one was way to low to alter. Come to find out it was a size too small too!

This dress reminded me of the 27 Dresses cover. I loved it! BUT I tried on sleeves with it and it didn't look too good. It needs to be strapless if you are going to wear it.

Contemplating whether I should get it or not...

The back of it looked cool, but man, it was hard to breathe! Haha.

Sarah wanted to join in on the fun...we were twins! She even wore a veil!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just Engaged Photos. Town Square.

I wanted to show Mike Town Square while he was here in Vegas. My sister came down with us and took some random pictures. These are my favorite ones! Go to for some more!

I'm Getting Married!

Mike came into town this weekend to meet the whole family and get a tour of Vegas. I totally had no clue he had another scheme planned too. I guess this past week he picked up a ring in the process! (We had looked at them before a LONG time ago!).

So I decided to take him up to Mt. Charleston because we were both so sick of the Strip and all the people and traffic. Too bad the traffic was even worse at Cathedral Rock! So we drove over to Lee Canyon and I showed him the snowboard resort. We found this really cute trail called Bristlecone Trail and had ourselves a little nature hike. It was neat because it was a mountain bike trail too so it made Mike happy.

Anyway, so we hike up a ways and Mike kept stopping to tell me that he had to use the bathroom. I seriously was calling him a girl because he had been doing that the whole trip. So we made it up to this portion of the trail where a log was sitting. (By the way, this is a total re-enactment. We are totally cheesy.) Mike took off to "go to the bathroom" again while I sat thinking.

While I was sitting there thinking about things and enjoying the scenery, Mike called me over to show me some "ring of trees" (aspens) that looked really cool. He walked me over to big tree with a bunch of bushes around it. It was really beautiful.

I'm watching him closely and one second he was standing, the next second he was on the ground. It was like milliseconds. He was scrounging through the bushes. I thought he was pulling a bush out and then he pulled out a box. I didn't see the box at first, I just heard the words "Will you marry me?".

I was like "Are you joking with me? You actually got it?" (Not that I didn't want to, just that Mike usually puts off doing things...haha.) and I kept saying "Are you kidding me?" until I finally noticed the ring. The weird part is that I didn't even cry! And usually I am such a crybaby! He was so cute cause he was tearing up. I couldn't tell if it was because of panic or the fact that he was being emotional!

Of course when all reality set in I said "Yes!" (after him saying "Is that a yes?") and then I was stunned for the next ten minutes sitting with him and talking about it.

Here are pics of the ring too. I'm getting married guys!