Sunday, November 22, 2009

25 Random Facts

1. I woke up to "Viva Las Vegas" playing in my head this morning...could I be a little excited to go home for Thanksgiving?
2. I got clips this week for my mountain bike and loved it! (You have to clip your feet and attach yourself to your bike, which is a little intimidating, but very cool.)
3. Night mountain bike riding is my new favorite hobby.
4. I am finally scrapbooking our cruise from back in August.
5. I listen to Christmas music every day on the way to school to calm my nerves.
6. After getting rid of one of my all time worst students, my school days have officially gotten better.
7. I secretly grumble every time I go to te gym.
8. I have watched "You've Got Mail" at least thirty times in the last three months.
9. I am looking for a copy of "While You Were Sleeping" because I lost my old copy and I love to watch it around Christmas time.
10. I have used up half of my sick days already for school and it's been legitimate, unlike when I lived in Vegas and took "mental health" days to go snowboarding or shopping.
11. If I had a million dollars, I would buy out Kohl's and Target.
12. I had a dream the other night that Mike wanted to walk around buck naked in public and I still am trying to figure out what it could be interpreted as.
13. I am just learning this year exactly how football works.
14. All I have in our house are cinnamon or apple candles. I love those two smells.
15. When I was little I couldn't prounce the words "channel" or "mobile"...
16. I have TMJ and I'm not supposed to chew gum, but I do it anyway.
17. Outback's Ahi Tuna is heaven.
18. Every time I get in the shower I have to hum or sing.
19. I always wanted to be on TV and have only been able to get on MTV's TRL once and an episode of Making the Band.
20. I was Elizabeth until I graduated high school, then I changed it to Liz.
21. I think I am the only girl not obsessed with the Twilight series (but I did manage to go see New Moon and was entertained..a little.)
22. I want to go to an NBA and NFL game one day.
23. I want to go back to school and either get a degree in Nutrition Science or Nursing.
24. My whole purpose in life is to be good. Thats it.
25. Coming up with 25 random facts is really hard...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Favorite.

I've been blogging a lot lately. One reason is Mike has been gone a lot this week training in Artesia, so I lost my playmate and somehow I feel like journaling like crazy. Another reason is when he is home, he actually has the ability to sleep in. I am insanely jealous of people who could do that, but unfortunately my body wins every time by waking me up.

P.S. Those darn dogs are barking again in our neighborhood....we are SURROUNDED by dogs. And they howl in unison. And then try and see who can be the loudest.

Anyway! The point of my blog was to discuss my favorite time of the day. I came up with this conclusion last night when I fell asleep on the couch watching some random show on TV and then got woken up by Mike to invite me upstairs to sleep in a normal bed. We have this game to see who can be the nicest about waking eachother up. Haha. I think we both have had that abrupt wake up too much from someone yelling, hitting pans, or just shoving you.....that we appreciate the times when someone comes up on you all nice and gentle.

I am so rambling today. So back to the subject. Everytime Mike comes to get me we will lay there and talk..sometimes for an hour...a few times we have even talked for two or three hours (I'm sure it's no surprise to our friends and family.) Mainly about things going on, or things we like, friends, family, or about what we love about being married, or even things that bug us and how we should handle it because of our personalities. It's so nice because it's just talking and enjoying eachother. I love it.

I decided last night it was my favorite time of day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marriage & Divorce

Check out this talk by Dallin H. Oaks on Marriage & Divorce. I love how cut and dry it is. I was on the church website looking up my sunday school lesson and came across it. I love to hear advice from the apostles. It makes darn good sense!

Balance Tricks

My kids and I were having a good laugh yesterday after watching a video on balance. One of the questions that was asked is "who has a lower center of gravity, boys or girls?" and supposedly the girls have a lower center of balance.
Well to prove it, they tell you to distance yourself three feet lengths from the wall, turn around, lean your head on the wall. While doing that, you lift a chair from underneath you, and then you try and stand straight up. The girls should be able to do this, but the boys shouldn't.
You have to try this. We were laughing so hard. We did prove its not a boy-girl thing, but its hilarious to watch.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So for the last five year I have been brainstorming a job I could do from home when I have kids, or when I take a little hiatus from teaching. I've always wanted to have a business out of my home...nothing too big..but just a little side job to earn a little extra money. Here are some of the ideas I came up with since 2005. If you can help me with any ideas, or suggest anything, let me know!

Writing Trade Books or Children's Books

My mom writes science books for a publishing company. Ever since I went to BYU for the summer and studied Children't Lit, I have been dying to write these things called "trade books", which are picture books that contain nonfiction information. As a science teacher, I use these types of books all the time.


I used to paint and sketch all the time. I'm not a really good artist, but I like to make patterns and stuff. I was tempted to try and see if I can come up with some sketches to work on.


Liesl and I had this brilliant idea when we roomed together to come up with a modest clothing line. She had more connections, but it would be so fun to revamp my sewing skills and try to come up with some modest fashionable clothingwear.

Pampered Chef/Avon

A lot of my friends work for these companies and make a lot of side money hosting parties for these companies. The only problem is Las Cruces is kind of small, so that may be a problem.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I Love As Of Late....

I've been having so much fun on my days off just vegging and doing things around the house, recuperating after having two VERY HARD weeks at work. Here are some things that I am enjoying as of late:

Even though its cold...I still love walking around the house barefoot.

The beautiful weather and sunsets we are having!

Shopping!It makes me so happy!

Wearing ponytails...

I love me such good ideas for around the house.

So You Think You Can Dance.

Making homemade salsa...

Burning candles and their amazing smells.

Dreaming of the beach..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, we went to a friend's house and ate some good food, carved some pumpkins, and watched some scary movies. We had such a good time just getting out an enjoying ourselves. Mike dressed up as a...well you can guess...and I was trying for Hermione, but the blonde hair throws it off, so let's just say I went I am a Harry Potter character. :)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mesilla Valley Maze

So for the last year I have been wanting to go to the corn maze during Halloween. We made it and spent Halloween after noon over there and lots of fun!

At the end of the corn maze...

These cars were so fun! They were tricycles and were really hard!

These were some heavy pumpkins!

My favorite shot.

Albino pumpkin.

Mike's new ride!

I was so excited! Thanks for taking me Mike!