Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maine Lighthouses and Lobster

While we were in Vermont, we made a mini trip up to Maine so we could see a lighthouse and perhaps eat some seafood. Here are the highlights of that trip:

We sat down for a lobster dinner. Yum!

My poor lobster! I couldn't look him in the eyes!

Mike had a double dose!

He got to meet his before he ate them!

Poor thing!

We found our lighthouse!

We were booking it to make it before sunset!

But what a pretty sunset it was!

Welcome to Maine! The Way It Should Be!

A Visit to Vermont

Mike has a friend from the academy that lives in Vermont. He and his gracious wife let us come and visit and stay with them for President's Day/Valentine's weekend. They live in Newport, VT which is like 2 miles from the Canadian border. It was so fun! And cold!

Sorry the pictures are out of order...but you get the jist!

The view from the lift at Jay Peak (where we snowboarded):

The Vermont back roads we drove down:

We snuck to the border in some random neighborhood to get this picture:

I was a little nervous on the lift:

Snowboarding here we come:

We went to the memorial of Joseph Smith's birthplace. I had no clue he was born in Vermont:

This is the monument built for him. Kind of a cool story. It was built in 1905:

Inside the visitor's center:

Out front of the place we snowboarded at:

Some cool ice on the side of the road:

The other side of the border:
It was a great trip. I was so glad to go back East! My thanks to Chris and Liz! (And Mike...who paid for my trip...he must like me.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Battle of Buzz Lightyear

My sister and her family went to Disneyland this weekend..and well, I had to invite myself. :) I was laughing at the pictures we sent from the Buzz Lightyear ride.

I look like I am up to something and Wayne looks really intent on his target. I'm so mad our scores didn't show up because I SMOKED Wayne! I was the 99,000.

Wayne sent this to me a couple days show how much he whooped up on my score. Competitve much? Hey! If I stayed there for three days I would have been that high too!

This one makes me laugh because hard to believe, Sarah was playing on the right side. Haha.

Friday, February 6, 2009

P90x Lean Version

My coworker back in August came in and was telling me about a program where he and his wife go into their garage and workout every night. I totally blew it off thinking it was just another lame exercise video. Anyway, as the months rolled on I was noticing this guy was totally getting skinny! Of course he claimed it was the video. Then I was in denial and told him it only happens to boys, because we all know by watching Biggest Loser and other weight loss challenges, that guys lose so much faster!

After much coaxing and seeing the infomercial, I requested it for my Christmas gift. It was a little delayed, but I just got it two weeks ago.

I decided to do the Lean version instead of the classic, and I must say...I don't think my coworker was lying. I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but I am going on Week 2 and I slipped 3 pounds lower and have noticed a difference majorly in my arms, back, and abs. Let's see if this really works. The only thing I need to work on is the diet a little more. I eat a lot of whole grain, chicken, fruits and veggies...hopefully Disneyland won't hurt me this weekend! :)

Lean Version P90x

Monday (Core Essentials X)

Tuesday (Cardio X)

Wednesday (Arms and Shoulders X)
(Ab Ripper X)

Thursday (Yoga X)

Friday (Legs and Back X)
(Ab Ripper X)

Saturday (Kenpo X)

Sunday DAY OF REST :)