Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving at Disneyland!

So I have been bummed because I made a goal this year to go to Disneyland and the chances looked pretty slim. Then we got the bright idea to head over to California while we headed over to Vegas for Thanksgiving. So we decided to go Thanksgiving Day and then head over to Vegas for Friday and Saturday.

This is right before they let you in the excited!

Jen and Sarah flew in the night before to join us!!

Mike's first ride on the Matterhorn since he rode it when he was four and had a concussion. This ride is SO much better at night!

I love all the Christmas decorations!!

The Cowboys played on Thanksgiving, so Mike watched while we waited in line.

We got to eat on Main Street at the Carnation Cafe. It was really good and I loved the setting. It was outdoors and a little cold but it was neat to be able to be AT Disneyland and have an old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner.

We rode the Tower of Terror seven times!! We love that ride! I was really bad at timing on the pictures!

This time we went we kept getting these girls in front of us that kept passing gas. So we thought to pose to mock. The culprits were the girls in the top right corner. Mike is so dramatic!

It was such a fun idea and fun trip. I am so glad we went!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barney's First Birthday!

O.K. I admit. I love my dog way too much. Well, let's just say I have a major love-hate relationship with him. But he's so fun to humiliate and play frisbee with. Our daily runs at six in the morning are our bonding time too.

Anyway, October 27th was Barney's first birthday. Technically, we didn't get him until December, but we had to have a birthday party for him.

Here's his Halloween cow costume. Just a little too small..

Gotta have a birthday hat too.
Can I please just eat that cake?? (Don't worry, its dog proof. Courtesy of some website that taught me to make a cake out of carrots.)

We were taking a bunch of pictures and he got so frustrated. He he.

Finally he was able to dig in!

And then it was time to play with his cousin Trixie. He has such a smug look on his face in this picture. I love it.

Happy Birthday Cubs!

Mayfield Finally WON!

Since I have known Mike I have never seen Mayfield win against Cruces...for once, they finally won!

P.S. This is the epitome of my husband. Dork.

Sweet Gesture...

A friend of my mom's is riding the Bike MS thing in Las Vegas today. Mike's name was put on her number. I think that is so awesome! Here's to finding a cure!