Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Investments

I was sitting in the parking lot of Ulta trying to talk myself into going in and buying an amazing curling iron when I finally talked myself out of it so I could save a little money.

Then I got to thinking on actual things I have bought that I think have SAVED me money or I consider something absolutely great to invest in. So here are a few things I thought of.

I put Subway first on my list. Whoever came up with the idea for five dollar foot longs is genius. I go to Subway twice a week for a great meal and I even keep the calories down!
Every day for lunch I have a lean pocket. If you buy it in bulk, it's so cheap!
Liesl got me started on Zip and Steam. This just saves a lot of time and you can totally reuse them!
I have been trying to find a really good concealer for a long time and since I can't afford Bare Minerals, I have concluded that Tru Blend is a good investment if you are cheap. It rubs in easily and it doesn't even look like you are wearing it, but it will cover up those dang zits!
Even though it was a stretch to buy one, I really think a Sonicare is a great investment. Since I have started using it, my dentist visits have been less stressful and it works so well!
Crystal Lite Fruit Punch rocks and I drink it every day. Go to Walmart. They are cheap there.
And last but not least, my favorite investment is my Chi. This bad boy works so fast. I went through three flat irons til I bought this and it has been a miracle!
Now I just need a good curling iron!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

U-N-L-V-Go! Fight! Win!

I find it funny that I finally get school spirit six years after I graduated from my school. I had cheap tickets too as a student and now I have to pay the regular price!

Anyway, yesterday Britt and I went to the opening game of the UNLV basketball season. It was intense but a great game all in one. My left leg is still throbbing from Brittany beating and squeezing it and I kept coughing the whole night from all the screaming I did. I love those games!!!

Woohoo! Go REBELS! 1-0!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November Nominations

I'm not posting this to brag, I promise! But when I get these forms in my mailbox each month, they crack me up! Every month the students have to nominate a teacher they want to win Staff Member of the Month and why. I love the reasons they give cause it makes me think about what I am doing every day when I walk around the classroom. Here's what they put this month:

"I love the way she talks. She reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield."

"She is nice and gentle." (Gentle? Haha!)

"Because we do labs." (Thats all they put. Nothing else.)

"Her creative drawing." (They are mocking me because I draw stick horses on the board.)

"Ms. Bray is nice and I love science. And she's pretty too. I love her teaching skills. I want to be a teacher when I grow up because of her." (I'm giving her an A! :) )

"When we have questions she listens and answers. Even if she doesn't know the answer she will work hard to get the answer. "

"She is not afraid to have fun. She is always talking in a non-loud tone."

"She has great discipline steps. She is fun, cool, and funny. She likes to be random. I am glad I have her fourth period and I can't wait for the pizza party. Go Ms. Bray! Go Ms. Bray!"

"She always makes things clear by creating mental images."

"She always has contests for us to enter and makes classwork seem really fun. For instance she makes weird noises like "Ew!" and "Gross!" She always keeps us interested."

"I enjoy being in her class because she is so random. We talk a lot but we still get our work done even if we do get off topic. Ms. Bray is cool and I am not saying it just to get on her good side in fact I am not even kissing up to her. She's just really cool. I nominated her last time but she didn't even win which really stinked. I can't believe it. But still its cool and I hope she wins this time."

"She teaches us science very quickly. She relates to us very easily. She lets us understand science in a unique way. I've learned so much already."

"She donates time to go to the store and getting things for our class. She also gives us the inside scoop on everything and she will get anything for the class to have fun."

"I always look forward to going to science. She is a very kind and caring person who I know everyone likes to be around. Ms. Bray is the best science teacher I could ask for!"

"She even bought some class pets. Ms. Bray is always in a happy mood no matter what goes on. I'm sure she likes to teach science a lot. She is one of the best teachers at this school."

"She smiles at you with warmth in her eyes. She gives you the best answers when problems are the worst. She gives out the best prizes when you do something good. I don't know about you, but Ms. Bray is the best science teacher I've had in my life."

"She also teaches us to be mature about things. She teaches us in a way we understand."

"She is very hyper and she may run into something but she makes us laugh. She is very nice and does creative experiments. She makes hilarious jokes and loves to watch Brainpop. She runs crazily around to make our class great. Ms. Bray is the best teacher in the world!"

"She knows how to make learning fun. From making body systems out of play dough to weighing items on scales."

This is why I teach! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I flew down to Las Cruces for Nevada Day Weekend and Halloween this year. Even though this was the first year in a LONG time that I haven't dressed up, we still had fun celebrating Halloween.

Mike had requested that I cook for him since I haven't cooked for him before (and he still proposed...brave boy!). No pressure or anything, but I ended up cooking for part of the family too. I made Mahogany Chicken, a recipe my sister gave me. It turned out pretty good. I really want a grill now!

I guess Mike is a huge fan of egg nog. He had made a request to get some at the store since it only comes out seasonally. This was his first egg nog this year. He likes it mixed with Sprite. Weird huh? I tried it though and it actually wasn't that bad.

And of course I had to get some decorations. I love pumpkins! Mike was making fun of me because I wanted to decorate. So to get back at him for making fun of me,I snuck a pumpkin in and placed it just right so that when he woke up from his nap, it would be staring him right in the face! Hehe. (See my halloween cups and straws too!)

Matt, Kandi, Christa, and Brad came over to watch "scary movies". We ended up renting 1408, which was kind of creepy! There were screams, mostly from the boys. :) And we had some ice cream and watched Tremors afterwards. So not scary!
Overall (even though I didn't get to dress up and party too hard) it was a really fun night!