Thursday, January 27, 2011

The El Paso Puzzler

On January 16th, Mike and I raced the El Paso Puzzler. We had been looking forward to it because it was a really hard race: 35 miles, up and down a mountain twice, rocks, cactus, and downhill. Are we nuts or what?
Well, I didn't do very well. It took me 7 hours to get through it and a lot was spent running on foot. I had never gotten a flat and twice, my tire got a flat. Worst part was that I had handed Mike all my CO2s so I didn't have anything! So from mile 26-29, I was running.

Mike didn't have much luck either. He lasted an hour and a half in and split the side wall on his tire. He had to walk ALL the way back! Poor guy!

This is at the starting line. Little did we know...

Overall, we'll get em' next year! Haha!

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Dad said...

You needed Georgia and I to cheer you on. We'll be there next year.