Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a really good time on the Fourth of July. Mike went for a ride with the brothers, while I hiked with my dad and Georgia at Aguirre Springs. Barney had to get into the festivities by wearing his star scarf.

Dad and Georgia came for the weekend to hang out and enjoy the Fourth of July! Barney did awesome on the trail.

The gang of dogs ready to drive down to the river for some swimming!

This picture is hilarious. They look like little kids getting out of the pool!

The leap!

Look how far he goes to get the stick!

The aftermath.

The night ended with watching the Las Cruces fireworks from a distance and then lighting some of our own. Wendy got some awesome fireworks. We were impressed!

We couldn't stop looking during pictures!

Barney ran away during the fireworks. He did not like them. We really thought we lost him until Uncle Brad went to look for him and Barney came right to him!

"I love my Uncle Brad!"

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