Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Can Dream, Right?

A girl can dream right? I keep thinking about things I want to do this summer, ways to make money so I can afford to pay off the bills, and then the "wishes" I want just for the sake of dreaming. The funny thing is, the things on my wish list are so random!

Here's some of the things that have popped in my head!

1. Having a successful cupcake business.

2. Somehow coaxing U-Swirl to open a place here in Las Cruces or possibly opening one.

3. Going on a shopping spree at Buckle.

4. Being motivated to do P90x for 90 days straight!

5. Get a facial!

6. Go to Florida and go to Disney World, Universal, show Mike my old stomping grounds when I lived there, Key West, and possibly taking a cruise out of there. I miss Florida. :(

7. Landscaping my backyard which will include a garden and my very own compost heap.

8. Finding a skin cream that will fight my wrinkles from all my years of being sunburned.

9. Ordering Wen Hair Products.

10. Weighing ten pounds less than I do now.

11. Go see Gavin DeGraw in concert.

12. Own an IPOD touch.

13. Totally random..but after cleaning the kitchen this morning, I want a Swiffer. Pronto.


Christa said...

i think the most essential thing on your list is probably the Swiffer... you can live that dream. :)

Laura said...

Girl if you lost 10 pounds you would dissapear. Witney has a good hook-up on the hair products. (I use it all the time)