Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Will Happen When I Move to Las Cruces...

(You can see these beauties from the front yard of Mike's house. I love it!)

So I went to Las Cruces this weekend on a spur of the moment trip. I was getting a little frustrated with the whole waiting on our letter and thought that if I just went and had some fun with Mike, I would feel better. And it worked. But anyway, as I was there, I kept thinking about what I will be doing when I move to Las Cruces and so I kept a mental note of things I plan on doing.

One. I looked for smoothie places and was excited to find out Tom Young's Fitness Center has one, which sold me. So this will be where I work out:

Two. I will mountain bike on the weekends and definitely on Tuesday nights. (I went on Saturday and actually did pretty well considering it had been almost eight months.)

Three. Every once in a while I will make Mike take me to Si Senors, even though every time I go there I feel guilty afterwards for all the calories. I wish I didn't like food so much.

Four. Antique shops and farmers markets. There are so many.

Five. De-weed the front and the back yard. I looked out Mike's window this morning and glared at the weeds growing in. Death to them!

Six. Make trips to Cloudcroft, a beautiful little town in the mountains.

Seven. Go down to Old Mesilla and walk around at the little shops and feel like a tourist.

Eight. Take a spanish class at NMSU. So many people speak Spanish, and I want to understand it dang it. You think three years of high school and one year of college would pay off?? No way. I forgot everything!

Nine. Interior decorate and organize my house.

Ten. Definitely have some picnics at White Sands.

And believe me, I will document everything!


Natalie said...

Oh how nice!!! I wish Vegas looked like that! :) Anyway, I am so excited for you guys! (oh, and I went private with my blog...I think I told you before but cant if you want to view it, I need your email add, send it to me at Lngstaley(at)aol(dot) I spelled it out?)

Nina said...

Dangit! I'm sorry about that letter, I will say an extra prayer tonight that it will come soon! You guys are so cute together!

Christa said...

Oh oh oh! Can i go to the farmers market with you!! there's also this other place that's even more awesome because you pick your own vegetables-its right across from the picquik before you turn to go to Sue's house

Brittany said...

Liz. I love it. I have No doubt that you will do it well!!! I'll have to come visit for sure. I'm going to miss you girl.

Anonymous said...

Lib, Lib, Lib,
I can't wait to get down there. I'm not sure what I want to do first; but I want to do everything on your list EXCEPT mountain bike. I'll even help with the weeds. I'll really help eating the food!

Cody said...

We're excited for you to get here!