Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Visit to Vermont

Mike has a friend from the academy that lives in Vermont. He and his gracious wife let us come and visit and stay with them for President's Day/Valentine's weekend. They live in Newport, VT which is like 2 miles from the Canadian border. It was so fun! And cold!

Sorry the pictures are out of order...but you get the jist!

The view from the lift at Jay Peak (where we snowboarded):

The Vermont back roads we drove down:

We snuck to the border in some random neighborhood to get this picture:

I was a little nervous on the lift:

Snowboarding here we come:

We went to the memorial of Joseph Smith's birthplace. I had no clue he was born in Vermont:

This is the monument built for him. Kind of a cool story. It was built in 1905:

Inside the visitor's center:

Out front of the place we snowboarded at:

Some cool ice on the side of the road:

The other side of the border:
It was a great trip. I was so glad to go back East! My thanks to Chris and Liz! (And Mike...who paid for my trip...he must like me.)

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Anonymous said... of you should have been arrested for crossing the border illegally. Which one was it?
I've got to try one (or two) of those lobsters.
And that was so cool seeing Joseph Smith's birthplace.
I'm so happy for you Lib and Mike.