Sunday, October 12, 2008

Western High School Class of 1998 Reunion

Last night we had our ten year class reunion at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino. I was so sad to miss out on the night before where everyone met at the football game, partied and Boomerangs, and then partied some more. I did manage to go to the official reunion dinner/raffle where I ran into some old friends and caught up on how everyone was doing.

Unique walked right past me and said hi, looked at my name tag, and then screamed. She said she would of never guessed it was me.

The crazy kids..Nahuel, Holly, Zach, and Norberto. We were all on student council together. Nahuel was a little camera happy.

Holly and I were best friends in high school. It was great to catch up with her.

Ryan wanted in on a picture with us. Holly had her cute little girl with her.

Obren was our school mascot. He is now an actor/director in LA. He was just on the show Terminator on Fox.

Staci and I took a literacy class at UNLV together. We had governemt class together in high school. She remembered everything about high school!

Kathryn, Holly, and I all grew up in the same ward together. I moved here in 8th grade and they were the first people I met. We have so many stories to tell!


Jen Fluharty said...

Hmm that Obren dude seems to be hugging you a lil too tight there missy!!!!

Liesl said...

Classic! Can I just say You looked amazing! Your so pretty Libby