Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I went to the strangest FHE yesterday. Every first monday, we usually have FHE at our bishop's house and he does a little schpeel on something spiritual and so on. So this time he invited a friend of his to do an "inspirational" speech to us. This guy does motivational speaking to youth and has a PHD in all that stuff.

So get this...he had us put a fear on a board and on the back of it we had to write what would happen if we conquered that fear...and then....we had to break the board in half with our fist. Yes, you read that right. So about ten people go ahead of me. They all hit it the first time and the wood snaps like a twig. Then it was my turn. Four tries later and a bruised hand...I got it.

And man my hand hurts today. (Pics soon..)

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