Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowboard Fever

I flew last weekend to New Mexico to go snowboarding with Mike in Ruidoso. It was our first of many planned snowboarding trips and we had a blast!

This was on the top of the mountain when we took a Gondala up the mountain. Too bad there was a lot of snow...too bad there was not much on the bottom.

We were excited to find someone to take a picture of both of us in the parking lot with our snowboards. :)
I tried to be a good photographer and take action shots of Mike. Mike has a better eye than I do when it comes to pictures, but hey, I tried!
The dramatic Mike pose.
I really liked this shot and Mike looks like such a pro. :)
Riding up on the Gondala...
Again, at the top of the mountain.
Mike ready to roll.

My short snowboard..for my short stumpy legs...haha.
I made Mike go on a seperate lift because I get too scared jumping off the lift. Thats the only part I am afraid of. Funny thing is I biffed it anyway! :)
Mike's cool cuffs in his snowboarding jacket.
It was nice to get a good snowboard in....because we will be heading to Vermont in three weeks to do it again!! Yay!

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Liz said...

This message is for Mike. I'll comment on our snowboarding pics! I think they rule and you are an amazing snowboarder! Haha.