Friday, April 25, 2008

Baking Soda

So you all probably knew this but I am totally amazed by a home remedy Liesl told me. Yesterday I got up to wash my hair and my hair felt so disgusting! It was really greasy and all clumpy. So I hurried and tried to fix it for school (basically I wore a ponytail and looked like I had just rolled out of bed the rest of the day).

So I texted Liesl (my amazing hairdresser friend) and asked her whatI should do. She told me to take some baking soda and add it to my shampoo and then scrub it about three times, just the area where its all greasy. Then I was to only condition the tips of my hair.

It totally works! My hair felt so nice today. It wasn't greasy at all and it looked kind of like it does after it gets done at the salon.

Isn't baking soda amazing?

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